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Your Bahá'í Distribution Service

100 years ago four individual Bahá'ís formed the Behais Supply and Publishing Board of Chicago. The next small steps occurred in 1902, as a result of individual initiative, bolstered by tireless service and financed with a personal loan of $300, the Bahá'í Publishing Society and distribution service were born. By 1906, Arthur and Mary Agnew, together with Thornton Chase, the first American Bahá'í, and with the help of Ali-Kuli Khan (who did much of the translations), had produced thirteen books.

Since those small beginnings, the Bahá'í Distribution Service (BDS) has become the world's most comprehensive source for Bahá'í media. We are The World's Bahá'í Media Store.

Through our two online stores - and -- our customers can today choose from thousands of print and eBook titles (including many free) in several world languages, as well as digital media in a variety of formats. Whether you are looking for a favorite Bahá'í book, the latest teaching material, the newest bestseller in the Bahá'í world, a CD or DVD, an entire downloadable audio book, or an instant download of a single mp3 of inspirational music, we're your one-stop source. In addition to our online stores, you can also call our Customer Service Department during business hours Monday through Friday to place an order.

We search the Bahá'í world seeking the most wonderful books, musical selections and other digital media, working hard to ensure that BDS has the best products available for you. We are known for our standard of excellence and consistency of service. We build relationships with the finest authors and musicians worldwide, bringing you the most comprehensive, inspiring and educational products at the best prices possible.

At BDS, we are keenly aware that we are about much more than delivering books, videos and music. After all, this entire business, and we as individuals, have been created to serve people: our customers, those with whom we do business, and others whom we serve in the community. Whether it's insuring that an ever-increasing amount of sacred text is available to the friends everywhere or in getting your gift to a loved one, our regard for you as members of one global family is more than just our way of doing business — it is our personal code of conduct.

We know that what is best for our customer is best for all of us. Everyone here understands that concept. Our sales and service people are trained to know our products, and to be friendly and helpful. They are urged to take all the time necessary to take care of you. We even pay for your call, for whatever reason you call.

We believe in nurturing our relationships with you and our other customers who've made us what we are, as well as our vendors and the valued employees who make up the Bahá'í Distribution family. They're bright, spirited, informed and committed; we strive to keep them happy, and we empower them to keep you happy.

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The Staff of Bahá'í Distribution Service

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